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pls shareeeeee ***P/S : Im not looking for FWD or play play relationship~~~ Thankssssss~~~ Well, I've tried the following and the sequencing shows response rate . ), but i dont know where to start, does anyone have experiences in this or any successful matching stories ? in terms of the gal quality, on par with tinder, but better than okcupid.

Coffee Meets Bagel Has anyone used any of the apps listed above before? My bestie got her first bf on dating app and she keeps suggesting me (**forcing, to be more precise lol) to install some dating apps as well, i was thinking bout give it a try( cz why not? the downside is that the app sux balls, damn hard to load if not using wifi connection.

Maybe nobody will be reading this (idk) and maybe some will find it interesting as I open my life up to my readers and friends (and family oh o) who's reading my blog. I separated in September, and by October I was dating a charming musician with a beautiful voice .

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We saw each other again for one last time for my birthday.The things I remembered were him texting everyday and greeting me good morning & good night without fail, surprising me with sweet e-mails confessing his love, writing poetries and serenading me on Skype when we weren't seeing each other. I truly enjoyed the moments I spent with him even though he was my rebound. After all I could get away looking younger than my age and I still get younger men trying to hit on me not knowing I could very well be their big sister.So far, I've dated quite a fair bit of men, some extraordinary, some intriguing but mostly, they weren't local men. Met more guys through LYN.either you know someone off the apps or in the apps, in the end, if you and him endures and tested most of the trials given to you, that is your true love. (No MLM / Business talk kinda stuffs amongst my friends) You need to accept good and bad things on a person.

Cause after i msged the gals, they then will reply on the same day. your conversation must be interesting in order for you to get their attention. the upside is that when u got a match, means the gal has read your profile and thinks you are OK. Coffee Meets Bagel Has anyone used any of the apps listed above before? I like using different sugar baby services and recommend you to read some sugar daddy website reviews too. P/S : If you wanna get to know more , feel free to drop me a PMMy sister met her bf through ok cupid. Maybe your friend can accept the bad things on her BF lol There's no mr/miss perfect.