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When updating the PCM from pre production status (or level A) to level B , its essential that a new map DVD (version 2005 or later) is used afterwards.In some cases the navigation drive requires an additional software patch to be applied before using a map that is 2006 or later.

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This is a cost option coded by the dealer using a security code in the PWIS workshop tool.There are 4 levels of PCM software version: 04035xxx – Standard Production Status (Up to Week #42, 2004) 04202xxx – Model Level A (from Week 42, 2004 to Week 16, 2005) 05024xxx – Model Level B (from Week 16, 2005 to Week 22, 2006) 05395xxx – Model Level C (from Week 22, 2006 onwards) There are several early versions of the Bose amplifier, and it has been found (the hard way) that updating these using the Level A update CD can cause the amplifier to fail completely, and require replacement.