Mate1 dating

09-Sep-2020 02:59

now I'm paying £40 a month for something tbh I only used for not even a day as was rubbish !

All the people on this website owners on down to employees should be thrown in jail it's all a scam no one has ever got a date on here don't believe any other b's post all these girls live overseas and begg for money everyone of them. we were texting for a while he told me was a widow and has 2 kids and travels to his work a self employed he told me he was working at a ficality in St Louis I told great I have family that lives there he stop texting me yesterday so I check the site mate 1 and lord behold he has a different profile picture and he done not speak any English I could not understand a word he said on the phone please for all the ladies on this site beware I thought this site was safe please check his profile out I want to cancel I can not find any number were I can call and cancel.Can't find no contact number for customer service .