Mentoring dating couples

07-Feb-2020 20:04

We gave them several exercises to help them explore their misconceptions of marriage and then recommended a few resources. We told them how meeting from time to time with a seasoned married couple could give them a sounding board and a safe place to explore some of their questions about marriage.Then we introduced the idea of linking up with a marriage mentor couple. Like most newly married couples we talked to, Tom and Wendy were very eager to find such a couple.

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As Wendy sipped hot coffee to thaw out, she said, “We have talked to friends and family about what is going on, but we both decided we need more objectivity.” Tom joined in: “Yeah, everybody who knows us just says ‘Give it time’ or something like that.” Tom went on to say that their marriage was not on the rocks and no major overhaul was needed.Tom and Wendy were the typical newly married couple.In their mid-20s, they had dated for nearly two years before getting engaged.We think every couple just starting out should have a mentor. Throughout human history mentoring has been the primary means of passing on knowledge and skills.

In the Greek epic The Odyssey, the hero Odysseus had an elderly friend and adviser named Mentor.After a bit of discussion, they suggested a married couple in their church.