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26-Sep-2019 22:48

Read Full Review I was a member for almost two years.

I was briefly single and went on several dates which were ok ;- but I would not recommend mse as a quality dating site to anyone.

Written on: 14/03/2013 Yes, Hassos27 ;- the common theme from the review centre is of former members being banned from a combination of cliques and admin or both.

As you say, they have done you a big favour and its a blessing in disguise to find oneself banned by mse.

Yes midsummer's eve dating site forum is like being back at junior school,"Reason" Why, admin now seem to remove posts faster than you can log on to the can be banned now for wiping your nose,"or" so it now seems, Go join and look in site matters, The site is losing members by the dozen,most are unhappy about the non freedom of speech anymore.

When you get a warning from admin,it's almost like being written by your headmaster, Pathetic i know,but its now become is the once…

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Sunday, I decide to take the risk of sending messages without a profile pic.

seem to struggle with this concept ;- that people are individuals and not the collective mass they hope…

Read Full Review Written on: 07/03/2013 All i can see from this review Is same old same have joined hundreds of others who have been banned in the same way from mse.admin dont "BANN" clique do!!! Yes admin have a willing amount of brown nose people willing to do the Dirty work for admin.

I was a free member and only paid for several months over a period of almost two years, unlike some who were fleeced for numerous years, then banned. One just has to laugh at the amount of burrowing they do in order to 'get in' with admin. Written on: 13/03/2013 Blimey,its been yonks since i was banned from mse.

Oh ;- and don't be fooled by those who do appear to have a mind of their own ;-as those individuals are merely towing the line ;- pandering to the Ten Commandments of mse. Just trawling around the net i see this review centre.And yes i lost money too.words used Fleeced is the site worth anything a BIG a very greedy lets the elite run rings around admin.because they love doing it for free.