Million dollar club dating service

15-Jan-2020 05:31

Make yourself a priority when it comes to who you want to date. Want to go outside of the database and find that perfect person for you?

Patti’s staff will look for the perfect person for you through various social networking services and personalized recruiting sessions.

This is an essential service to take advantage of if you want to stand out in your pictures and get noticed.

However, she only accepts 10 people at a time, so this option may not be available.

This will be held at a lunch, brunch, dinner, or cocktail party, and it will be held at an upscale location in your city.

If you want Patti Stanger as your personal matchmaker, then you can get that with this add-on.

Matchmaking runs in her family, as she is a third-generation matchmaker.

Her experience as the director of marketing for a popular matchmaking service combined with her intuitive knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in relationships, has made her the most sought-after matchmaker around.

Patti made over a million in her first year of business, and her success gives her the insight that you want to know if you want a million dollar business as well.