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16-Jan-2020 11:37

Once they come together, alliances are bound to materialise. Internet can save the faith Zyng isn’t the only youth connect forum.

Mumbai entrepreneur Yazdi Tantra runs three websites for Zoroastrians to connect, share views and stay in touch: and

The new saviours of a 3,500 year-old faith are hip and tech-savvy.

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Hooshang Gotla, a volunteer with Zyng, says they’ve been requested to conduct similar sessions. "We heard of some boys and girls hitting it off really well after that speed dating session, but we don’t kept a tab on how many end up getting married.

Thanks to Zpeaker Box.com, which was launched in 2004, the community has a soapbox of sorts.

With a presence in India, Canada, UK, USA, Iran, Germany and Pakistan, the website posts essays and articles written by members, and has an online store for clothes and knick-knacks.

"Lectures about the religion, and periodicals are pass ©.

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The Internet is the best and easiest way to bring together Parsi youth scattered across the world," says Tantra, 55, who runs a computer consultancy."The BPP leaders complained about us vanishing once the elections were over. Mistree says the forum was inspired by Facebook and the easy connectivity that the Internet offers.