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15-May-2020 03:07

The road scheme that created the M62 had no bearing on any surrounding routes it connected to.

As long as the existing A63 was capable of carrying the traffic load coming off the M62 on the day the motorway opened, there was no need to widen it. Or Kf See where some presidential candidates stand on border security and immigration from their time on @The View. Trump’s apparent push to host next year’s G7 summit at his Doral property in Miami immediately prompted cries that doing so would violate the foreign emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Why does the M62 terminate at what seems to be a random location about 15 miles east of Hull? It seem quite strange that a city the size of Hull doesn't have a motorway.

Is Hull like Plymouth in that it doesn't need a motorway as the A63 copes well with the traffic?

Apart from how tidy it looks on a map, there's no problem.

The M62 solves the problem it was intended to solve. I would have thought that the apparently random termini of the M2 on the A2/A299 junction rather than Canterbury or Dover, the original M74 ending near Larkhall, and the M42 north of Tamworth were better comparisons with the M62 than the end of the M5?

Traffic projections of the time, policy on width of inter-urban motorway and theory about the capacity of different motorway lane configurations must all have suggested that D3M will be suitable.