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You can’t talk about any given subject for more than ten minutes, tops.You have to watch other people for their reactions; if they look bored (which was a value I didn’t quite grasp) you need to stop doing what you’re doing.Some of these strictures, I understand now: hard or not, I needed to know how to do simple arithmetic.And I understand why my parents and teachers were concerned about my reading instead of socializing, even though I vastly preferred reading.I even understand the rules of socialization, even though I need to constantly keep them in mind when I’m talking to someone. * Having my clothes laid out for me was always a sign that we were going somewhere.Most days, when I was growing up, my mother would allow me to pick me own clothes; she’d sigh when she saw what I picked, but she let me wear it.

There were too many rules, which would have made sense if they’d been related to anything I could understand as being important.When I was ushered in to see the doctor, her office looked more like a classroom than a proper doctor’s office; where were the needles and stethescopes?

A year later, the character was reintroduced, and he was reunited with his mother and teenage daughter.… continue reading »

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