Not updating to ios 6 because of maps sheryl crows dating furniture maker

19-Sep-2020 04:33

Apple's new maps do have some benefits — especially in larger American cities, where Apple's software can claim rough parity with Google's app.Apple maps don't have annoying features like sponsored listings and ads, and the company now offers free turn-by-turn navigation, a feature Google has long offered on Android phones.Map detail might be lacking in some American cities, but London, Beijing, and Tokyo are virtually blank, and several major landmarks are labeled inaccurately or wildly misplaced.Satellite views are on par with Google in the US; internationally, they may well be obscured by clouds.But while transit apps have come a long way over the past few years, they still can't replicate the fluid integration of bus, train, commuter rail, and foot traffic that Google offers at its best.

not updating to ios 6 because of maps-6

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The release of i OS 6 yesterday was immediately followed by users complaining about the new maps, which lack a significant amount of detail and omit public transit directions.i Phone owners might have loved Google Maps, but Apple has no love for Google. The major new feature of the company's new i OS 6 mobile operating system is a new mapping module developed by Apple itself — a replacement for the Google-supplied maps that have been standard on the i Phone since it debuted in 2007.