Outlook 2016 address book not updating

14-Feb-2020 03:39

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To do so right click the Contacts folder and choose Properties-When the Outlook Address Book service has already been added and the option to select the Contacts folder as an Outlook Address Book is still disabled and greyed out, it means that the Outlook Address Book service is corrupted.To fix this you’ll have to recreate your Mail Profile.Two popular tools for this are: Aside from it being a slow process and prone to errors, you’ll also lose various meta-data and settings which you might not want to lose either.For an overview see: What is lost by exporting/importing pst-files?This often happens when you also have other accounts configured which have Contacts folders of their own but are empty or are using Exchange Online of Office 365 for Business for personal use and you are looking at the Offline Global Address List (which then probably only holds your name).You can manually switch the list to your Contacts folder via the Address Book’s dropdown list or change the default via the Address Book Options.Together with Azure Express Route (to guarantee bandwidth to the Azure/Office365 datacenters) and the ability to leverage on premises phone lines as well, this closes the gap between on premises and cloud even more.

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Also in preview and shipping later this year, Microsoft will offer phone number dialing (and thus also providing phone numbers for inbound dialing) from Office 365.

For detailed instructions see: Change default address list.

If you’ve come to the realization that you have not backed up your Contacts and also no longer have access to your original pst-file, then there are still 2 options: There are add-ins which can scan mail folders in Outlook for email addresses and add them to your Contacts folder.

If the Contacts are not in the Contacts folder, then you either forgot to select the folder when creating an export , or didn’t select the folder when importing the pst-file.

If you still have access to your old computer, copy over the original pst-file from your old computer to your new one (don’t overwrite any existing pst-file in the process).Otherwise, take a fresh copy of your backup or the pst-file that you imported from.