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The interpreter from Generation Love supported us very well.Further meetings strengthened our relationship and we fell in love. ” When we had all the papers together, we were married in January 2013, and since then we have been very happy.After landing in Odessa, I had to wait for an hour for my he passport to be checked and I was anxious Oksana may not be ready to wait so long.When I finally reached the departure lounge of the airport, I saw only old people and thought Oksana had not come or was already gone.At the end of the beautiful days in Odessa we had to say goodbye.We agreed to continue writing and for another meeting a bit later. And we met in Skype, even though there was a language barrier.Five years after a Discovery Channel programme about her, they wanted to see if she had integrated into community living.

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A shameful five years later, a neighbour reported a child living with animals.It is a proper, chilling, canine burst of aggression and it is coming from the mouth of a young woman, dressed in T-shirt and shorts.This is 23-year-old Oxana Malaya reverting to behaviour she learnt as a young child when she was brought up by a pack of dogs on a rundown farm in the village of Novaya Blagoveschenka, in the Ukraine.When she reaches the tap she paws at the ground with her forefeet, drinks noisily with her jaws wide and lets the water cascade over her head.

Up to this point, you think the girl could be acting - but the moment she shakes her head and neck free of droplets, exactly like a dog when it emerges from a swim, you get a creepy sense that this is something beyond imitation. The furious sound she makes is not like a human being pretending to be a dog.

Oksana from Ukraine and Ronny from Germany were married in January 2013.