Paula and mike dating

18-Nov-2019 04:41

In July 2017, Mike told Me and my lady are moving in the next step of our personal life and are moving towards getting engaged.

Soon after the public first got wind of their budding romance, reports emerged claiming Quittman is currently married to another woman.

That being said, there wasn't any bad blood in their breakup.

"We had gone our separate ways, but we parted on good terms and always kept in touch," Lauren told in late 2012, he and Lauren reconnected, and the timing finally seemed right to continue their relationship.

According to her bio on the blog, Lauren is "a fashion buyer, bar(re) enthusiast, lifelong blonde and lover of all things golden" who has worked her way up in the fashion industry.

She's worked as a buyer at Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's and has also interned at Elle, Chanel, and Bergdorf Goodman, according to her Linked In.While she's certainly not living in that lavish house with Mike and his roommates, Lauren was down in Florida during filming, so it's likely fans will see her on camera at some point.