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The list begins with Cruithne son of Cing, who is reported to be "father of the Picts".The account of the Pictish Chronicle then splits into four lists of names: The dates given here are drawn from early sources, unless specifically noted otherwise.The list of kings of the Picts is based on the Pictish Chronicle king lists.These are late documents and do not record the dates when the kings reigned.I'm looking to meet a regular guy for regular meets every few days. I would like to meet someone who is happy not to use condom and loves cumming in a woman. i am a larger lady interested in slimmer men between 25 and 35 for some fun..

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He is traditionally considered first "King of Scots", or of "Picts and Scots", allegedly having conquered the Picts as a Gael, which is turning history back to front, as most modern scholars point out, he was actually 'King of Picts', and the terms 'King of Alba' and the even later 'King of Scots' were not used until several generations after him.

The various surviving lists disagree in places as to the names of kings, and the lengths of their reigns.