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Woodward acquired several Ona and Fuegean skulls in 1899.

Illustrations of an Ona cranium were found inserted into the pages of Woodward's personal copy of Keith's Antiquity of Man.

After his assessment Woodward [henceforth ASW] sent a small paratype series to Edinburgh.

The broken molar plates from Piltdown have also been variously classified as "Stegodon" (Dawson and Woodward 1913), E. [Archidiskodon] planifrons (Freudenberg 1915, Matsumoto 1924, Osborn 1943), or diagnosed merely as a "primitive" elephantid close to the Early Pliocene origin of the taxon (Maglio, 1973).

Although trace-element analyses might generate a more specific signature for the composition of materials at these sites, at present efforts to narrow the roster of potential Piltdown source-localities to particular domestic assemblages has not proven fruitful.

A possible Maltese link was initially noted by Weiner et al (1955) who pointed out Hippopotamus teeth from the John H.

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The tooth would have then been purchased and broken up to provide the several fragments used in the fraud. Osborn's (1942) analysis of wear and morphology indicates that the Piltdown sample consists of fragments from three distinct specimens. Although these teeth are fragmentary in nature, their chemical composition is of extraordinary value in identifying their probable origin.

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