Pregnant after two months of dating

06-Oct-2020 06:56

However, I'm not sure I know anyone that decided to have their baby and raise him/her and regretted it.I'm sure some women have struggled to raise their baby in circumstances that I'll never understand, but I don't think anyone would tell you that they wished their child didn't exist. Sorry for all the questions jugs don't want to leave you on your own at this time of the morning. I assume you've told him you intend to have the baby? Are you 'surprised^ that he is freaking out, when he's known you five minutes and you've told him he's about to become a father?I never second guess my choice to go ahead with having the baby, I believe everything happens for a reason. We were on and off through out my pregnancy and finally at a year old we split, but I'm now married at 35 and expecting #3.Two MC' S, a healthy daughter born and we are still together and stronger than ever. I do not regret having my daughter and she made me into a better person and a more determined woman.

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If what you're saying is that your 'freaking out' boyfriend is unhappy about the pregnancy, then you probably have to work on the basis that you'll be going through whatever happens next alone.We got together end of September 2012, end of October made it official and a week later found out we were pregnant. We planned to move in together in February, signed a lease and everything.Our folks were both supportive, yes my mom was slightly disappointed but it was her grand baby to be, she snapped out of the mood quick! Unfortunately we lost the baby in December and going through that loss was very hard but made me realize how much I loved that man. He even beat the ambulance to the hospital and opened the ambulance door for my mom.We have a 3.5 year old and baby #2 is due in October.

I agree with the others that it is natural for your boyfriend to be freaking out. Begging for some advice on how to get our house to sell... I don't shower every day, and wash my armpits every other (24hr deo) Manager won’t let me go to my wedding Would this bother you?I'm unemployed at the moment since I had to move back to my home town after leaving my previous relationship.