Radgrid not updating after rebind

06-Dec-2020 23:16

Then, when rebind is called in the itemcommand event, Need datasource is NOT called again.The places where it does work i have noticed that the itemcommand event is fired first, then when rebind is called, the need datasource event is fired.Otherwise, the Need Data Source should not be fired as early as Page_Init.If you can show us some sample code demonstrating your scenario, we may be able to find the cause of this issue.I am nw facing issue in showing a particular record in Rad Grid after user successfully add/edit the particular record in Rad Grid. Name) Populate Ddl() Populate Record For Grid(str Param Group, "") 'DATA BINDING START HERE lbl Success Msg. Rebind, It fired the Need Data Source event and again the partcular record is bind to the radgrid but it still do not show out in Rad Grid. Grid Command Event Args) Handles ajax Grid Param Grp. The problem i face here is i find out that when there is paging in the Rad Grid, i am not able to make the Rad Grid to show the updated/ added successfully record. I am pretty sure that the updated/added record is bind to the Rad Grid. Text = "Parameter Group " & str Param Group & " With Description :" & str Param Group Desc & " Successfullly Added." Catch ex As Exception e. It stil does not take effect: My coding is as below : Protected Sub ajax Grid Param Grp_Insert Command(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Telerik. Insert Command Dim str Param Group As String Dim str Param Group Desc As String Dim ds Record As New Data Set Try Clear Msg() Clear Msg() Param Grp Desc. In both situations, the Rad Grid Custom control works correctly if i explicity set the grid's datasource to NULL before calling rebind.

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I don't want to lodge a support ticket just yet as I cannot submit the whole project, and it will require some time to create a small project that reproduces the problem Thanks again Hi Empower IT, Let me share a few observations: 1.

When explicitly rebinding inside in a postback the need_datasource will not trigger.