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02-Dec-2019 01:32

Maybe it was a picture from your high school graduation that made you realize how much your appearance has changed. We’ll be discussing the causes of male pattern baldness, the hair loss treatments available, their effectiveness, their risks and other things you should know about managing baldness.Maybe it was something your dad said in passing or in jest while gesturing at his own head: “A glimpse into the future, son.” Either way, you’re starting to notice it. The goal here will be to present a balanced overview of all your options so you can make an informed decision. Before we talk about why you’re losing your hair, let’s back it up a bit and talk about why you have hair in the first place.But sometimes, your body will send a message that downsizes or shuts these factories down.And once the lights go out, they never come back on again. But the most common is called male pattern baldness, or male pattern hair loss. The most prevailing theory of why men go bald has to do with dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Like with cancer, the best medicine for baldness is early detection and prevention.In the mirror—your hairline receding, your hair beginning to grow finer and shorter. No matter how young you may feel, you are never too young to begin losing your hair. You are born with about five million hair follicles on your body.These are the same five million hair follicles you’ll have for the rest of your life.But here’s the thing…When you first start using Rogaine, you’ll actually have an increase in hair shedding before you see any benefit from the treatment.

First of all, this is fairly alarming, especially for someone who is anxious about losing his hair.You don’t generate new hair follicles at any point in your life.