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25-Dec-2019 17:47

again, no shaky, hokey found footage documentary-style garbage. The movie poster is ridiculous, but the movie looks and sounds pretty good. the story that picks up with Alice in the hotel makes no sense, and there's not much attempt to explain any of it. From the start, the four travelers come across as a bunch of self-absorbed, arrogant jerks. David and Elise are okay, but the former is pretty unbearable at the start. If you don't expect much from your horror movies and are a very generous sort, it's possible you could give this a 4, I suppose.

The tighten up a bit and get better as the trouble starts hitting them, but by that point I really had lost all interest in them. more irritating towards the end than anything else, really. I was originally going to give this a 1, but that's not fair given the number of staggeringly awful horror films out there (like "American Poltergeist", "Ouija Experiment 2", etc).

It seems like one of the hardest things to get out of Hollywood or an indie producer is a decent horror movie.

"Satanic" is yet another in a long line of below par, forgettable horror movies made in the past 10 years.

tracks the bizarre and tragic events that occurred after the actress began associating with Anton La Vey, the high priest of the Church of Satan.

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The production values on this movie are pretty good...

Near the end of the documentary, there’s an archival news clip in which Mansfield is asked, “How much longer do you think you can be a sex symbol?

” Coolly, the actress, who was not yet in her mid-thirties, replies, “Forever, darling.” Regardless of whether her poise was partly a pose, you can’t help but admire her self-possession.

Some people have mentioned Sarah Hyland as being a star of some sort, but I've never heard of her or seen her show, and in this movie she's just your average "good girl" that you get in a horror movie...

Time collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.Mansfield’s son Zoltan got mauled by a lion, and Brody was in a string of car accidents, with the couple and their driver dying in a horrific crash less than a year after meeting La Vey.

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