Sav 10 definitions not updating

04-Aug-2020 05:53

Firstly, the use of 'support' life will cause many admins to raise an eyebrow.

By not announcing eitherway whether definitions are allowed passed July 2012 will potentially scare customers into going with SEP 12 anyway - a clever marketing ploy I think.

Restart the servicerun live should update successfully now.

What i've noticed on some of my workstations is that the 7.5 folders gets piled up with logs (sometimes 10gigs worth) and it just stops working....weird.

Does this mean that we can still get definition files/updates?

We do not have any products that can be manually updated, for further information please see article 123720.

For details about how to automatically update your product either centrally or standalone please see the relevant documentation.

I have written a program, for the Windows implementation of the Sophos Anti-Virus, that automates this manual process.

This program determines the installed version of SAV, checks whether there are new virus definitions (IDE files) available on the Sophos web site, downloads and installs them if appropriate.

If i run Live Update again the new files will be downloaded again.