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There is long distance nasal harmony, in which /l/ is realized as [n] if the previous morphemes contain /m/ or /n/, but not prenasalized stops.There are two contrasting tones: a high (á) and a low tone (à). Vowel Harmony There is vowel harmony in two groups: the high vowels /i, u/ and the mid and low vowels /e, o, a/.I wasn't so sure about it at first, but then we kept talking, and he explained how he felt. People call out to me on the street and I figure I know them, and I walk over.And then they start to talk about a movie, and I get so embarrassed. It's almost easier to do if you don't know the person well. It was a great thing to do; I had a ball, because all I had to do was bounce back and forth between the two of them and enjoy myself. And the thing is, you can't really photograph two people kissing naturally, because then you wouldn't be able to see anything. Ron [Ron Eldard] and I were good friends, and then, all of a sudden, we had to do this love scene.In the same way, the alveolars /s/, /z/ and /n/ are palatalized to [ʃ], [ʒ] and [ɲ], respectively, before [i].There may be an epenthesis of [g] after /ŋ/ in word medial positions, thus creating a phonetic cluster [ŋg] in a process of fortition.

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In some morphemes, vowels may be consistently deleted to avoid hiatuses.

It is concentrated in the north-west of the country, notably in the Luanda Province, Bengo Province, Malanje Province and the Cuanza Norte Province. Allophones: [ɸ] and [β] are allophones of /p/ and /b/, respectively, before /a/ and /u/.

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