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“However, I know that if I truly want to pay tribute to Javier’s life, anger has no place in honoring his memory.”Mae Zaragoza embraced a visitor to the memorial for victims of the shooting in El Paso on Tuesday.

“I really thought we were safe in our own little bubble, but someone came to our little island,” she said.

And individuals who are considered domestic terrorists are charged under laws governing hate crimes, guns and conspiracy, not terrorism.

Mitch Smith reported from Columbus, Ohio, Rick Rojas from El Paso and Campbell Robertson from Dayton, Ohio.

In May, in an episode first reported by The Toledo Blade, Ms. Betts when he tried to deliver a letter to an ex-girlfriend who had just moved into a house nearby. Betts had found the woman’s new home through a picture she posted on Facebook, and had written a letter to the woman telling her something akin to “You can’t outrun your past,” Ms. She became friends with him anyway because, she said, she saw that he had a good side.

The Dayton police have cautioned that much about the shooting early Sunday remains unknown, including how it was that three people — Mr. since the shooting.“My ex-boyfriend was a mass murderer,” Ms. “I still don’t know how to wrap my head around that.

He also said he would ask the General Assembly to pass a law requiring background checks for all firearm sales in the state, with some exceptions, including gifts between family members. De Wine, a Republican endorsed by the National Rifle Association, encountered an angry, grieving crowd Sunday evening in Dayton, where nine people were killed in an entertainment district by a gunman with a history of misogyny and violent threats. De Wine was delivering condolences when his speech was interrupted with chants of “Do something! The death toll increased as two who were wounded died, the police said.

At first, the vigils in El Paso mourned a general sense of loss, knowing that lives had been claimed in what investigators described as a hate-filled rampage and that a blanket of safety this city has cherished had frayed.

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Hundreds filled the stadium at Horizon High School just outside El Paso for a memorial for Javier Rodriguez, who was 15.“In a time like this, I can’t help but feel angry that this young man was robbed of his potential, robbed of his future and robbed of his life because of someone’s unfounded hatred,” said Adrian Barrios, who had taught Javier in middle school.Betts, his sister and a mutual friend — had gone out together and then one ended up shooting the other two. Betts tangled with his parents, but that she did not understand why he would have attacked his sister, whom he liked. Johnson that he was bipolar and had twice come near to killing himself, she wrote, adding that she believed he wanted to die in the attack. Johnson wrote on Twitter that she believed he kept body armor in his car and “didn’t trust cops.” She said she had spoken with the F. That man who was so sweet to me and told me he loved me was a mass murderer.The friend, who has not been named by the police, was hit in his lower torso but survived; the sister, Megan Betts, 22, was killed. I kissed a mass murderer.”Investigators, after extensive interviews with the suspect, are now piecing together more about the hours before the attack. I don’t have a textbook for dealing with evil, other than the Bible.”The politics surrounding the shootings gathered more attention, especially as Mr.But domestically, federal officials have far fewer options.

A federal statute defines domestic terrorism but carries no penalties.

Federal officials have broad powers to disrupt foreign terrorist plots, given to them as part of the Patriot Act passed after the 2001 attacks.