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In order to protect himself from those people and their scheme to claim his titles, he now has to marry the one eligible bachelor that wasn't already eyeing someone else- the Minister of Magic.

The only catch is it seems the Minister already had his eyes on someone, too. "The title The Boy Who Lived dominated the chapter, but this meant nothing to anyone, so their eyes skipped down to just below that, which was under the date 1981.

“It is a challenge to not give them so much technology that they are scripted but to also maintain consistency,” in the message, Watson said.

Direc TV is making a big mobile push for its TV services and “the idea of TV anywhere” requires that the company also provide service to and from those platforms, said Charles Miller, director of digital care and social media at Direc TV.

The customer service operations of Sirius XM Radio Inc., and Direc TV Inc.

have two things in common: There is always the possibility of angry customers -- try explaining bad service to a fanatical sports fan or a client looking for love -- and each is determined to provide social customer service and mobile support to keep their customers happy, wherever they may be.

After defeating Tom Riddle, Harry thought his life was smoothing out and he could finally work on his social awkwardness.

unfortunately, some people were wanting to make money off of the war he prevented.

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All Access subscribers get both satellite AND streaming radio on their computers and mobile devices with the Sirius XM app.

“As soon as we put some energy into it and encouraged customers to tell positive stories, we saw the tide turn,” he said.

Moore said Sirius is now assuming a more proactive role, and customers are helping other customers.

“The more we put on mobile platforms, the more customers expect service there,” he said.

Sirius Radio just licensed the Right Now contact center software in June and will have it deployed to 3,500 seats by next week, said Michael Moore, vice president of customer care.James was becoming every more anxious about impending fatherhood, while Sirius was increasingly unreliable and erratic, Peter was making snide comments about Sirius and James when they weren’t around, while Remus was drinking far too much to calm the chaos inside.

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