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For school admins, there's no assurance that parents are kept up to date with the most recent event information, and trying to ensure that everybody stays on the same page is added work.Now that we've covered why printing calendars is not as easy to pull off as it might seem, let's talk about how you can do it anyway!Enabling Alerts, i Cal and RSS feeds on calendars means that end users can view event information on a mobile device This is something that phones and tablets due particularly well.As more and more users have smartphones with built-in calendar capabilities, the advantages of all-online calendar events stack up favorably against paper printouts.Users can tap on an event to see additional details, and if necessary click to view more events than will fit on the display; the flexibility of an electronic screen makes this trivial.Paper doesn't offer that option, which means that when a calendar is formatted for print either all events are rendered at a size that's too small to be legible, or some decisions must be made about which events to include, and which to leave off (and further, what information about each event - start/end times, descriptions, etc. Finalsite can automate that decision making process (and we do!

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Printing calendars is one of those issues that seems simple at first glance but quickly becomes surprisingly complex when you break it down.Lists are more inherently printer-friendly than grid views, although there will always be some unavoidable complications when trying to render web content on a printed page.Consider whether it would be possible to offer things like lunch menus as a weekly list view instead of, or in addition to, a monthly calendar grid.You may also have to put some thought into how events are named in order to ensure that the information you want to share is actually what ends up on the printed page.

It's perhaps not surprising that Finalsite, a web content company, recommends displaying calendar events on the web, or at least digitally.As with printing directly from a webpage, you'll run into issues with the number of events that can fit on each day, and how much information about each event can be displayed.