Snow sakura dating sim

03-Feb-2020 08:39

It’s like telling a trust fund kid to be careful about how much money they plan to spend at Taco Bell.

The art was pretty nice, but it’s very clear that at least two artists worked on this game and made absolutely no attempt to have their styles compliment each other.

About half of the sprites look like basic VN models with some minor shading, whereas the other half have a dreamy, washed-out quality that reminds me of ebi-hime VNs.

The backgrounds are all over the place as far as style and technique goes, but nothing was awful or distracting.

Some of them jumped out at me due to gorgeous art, clean design, or intriguing concepts.

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doesn’t care about any of this, though, because half of the main route cutscenes are for this aloof other noble that apparently Sakura is just super attracted to.

The music, on the other hand…let’s just say that there were about six tracks across the whole VN, and one of them was a sped-up electronic rendition of “Heart and Soul.” The story is…something.

I realize that’s a terrible way to describe it, but wow. So you get to the college and you meet a girl who quickly becomes one of your best friends (I guess?

She kind of vanishes after you finish the storyline to get an internship) and then run into another girl that you already sort of met on your island when her brother (who is a teacher at St.

Patras) encouraged you to take the entrance exam and definitely pushed for you to get a full-ride.

Unless you are particularly endeared towards the shopkeepers, there is no reason that you couldn’t completely stock up on supplies and pets in your first turn at the university and then never go shopping again.

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