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02-May-2020 14:40

Anything bigger than "Huge" won't be affected.) In combat, you also get the sweet bonus action of making one newly-animated object carry out an attack.

For the necromancers, "Animate Dead" does exactly the same thing but for small or medium corpses, creating a skeleton or zombie servant ally for you.

At level seven, you can cast this to make a poor, unsuspecting creature suddenly start falling towards the ceiling as though the world has been tipped upside down around them. The spell encompasses a 50-foot radius and stretches 100-feet into the air.

Any creature within that range will have to grab onto something for dear life or take an awful lot of falling damage.

It's also quite hardy, with an armor class of 20, equal hit points to your maximum, a Dexterity of ten and a Strength of 26 ( 8.) You can also move it up to 60-feet as a bonus action.

Unlike "Mage Hand," this bad boy isn't just limited to picking stuff up for you like a glorified butler.

Basically, it's the kind of creepy magic that turns you into Purple Man.

The biggest catch -- other than the restrictions previously listed -- is that you can't make anyone do anything that's obviously contrary to their own wellbeing.

One minute they're minding their own business or engaged in combat, and the next, they're overcome by a crippling wave of bad mojo -- like having the worst anxiety attack of your life.The world's most popular fantasy role-playing table-top game wouldn't be the same without magic.

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