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We’ve got a range of sizes and designs like wicker baskets, felt ones and storage baskets made of lightweight wood.

Keeping your things in baskets can help with that while adding style to your room, too.

Father Coughlin, initially a supporter of the programs of President Franklin Roosevelt, and later a strenuous opponent, spoke on the radio about economics and politics more that religion or spirituality.

His broadcasts and his magazine Social Justice espoused anti–Semitic and fascist policies favored by Benito Mussolini and Hitler.

is an entity focused on the awards, decorations and militaria of the German Armed Forces during the Third Reich era.

Within the pages of this project you will find construction methods, manufacturing characteristics, and detailed specifications of vital interest to every collector.

Filipe, i did not dare judging on the crossbow typology, as would be a 'shoe maker trying to play the rabeco (you know the saying ? However going back to my comprehensive catalog (rather a book) i stood with no doubt that the author knows what he is talking about.

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A work exclusively on makers marks would be the so called "Stockel" (HAANDSKYDEVAABENS BEDMMELSE), probably sold out, probably only in German ... There is an 'old' work, but still useful, called ARMOURERS MARKS by Dudley Gyngell ...

Looks like a good quality sporting weapon that a hunter might use on small or medium game.