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According to the Family Policy Institute, if a man says he is a woman and walks into the women’s restroom, it is illegal for a business owner to intervene.That is the result of a new rule created by the Washington State Human Rights Commission. : For the most recent laws and links to statutory language, see this collection of state mental health laws. 7 Mental disease/defect must be a severely abnormal mental condition that grossly and demonstrably impairs perception. = American Law Institute GBMI = Guilty But Mentally Ill GBI = Guilty But Insane NGBD = Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect NGBI = Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity ABI = Acquitted by Reason of Insanity N/S = Not Stated Source: Table 38, The Defense of Insanity: Standards and Procedures, State Court Organization, 1998; U. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics (June, 2000). 6 Mental disease/defect must be a severely abnormal mental condition that grossly and demonstrably impairs perception. 4 Expands disability defense so conduct can be as a result of "physical or mental disease, disorder, or defect." 5 Insanity defense abolished; evidence of mental defect may negate an offense element.

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Burnes exposed himself to children in a Walmart restroom in 2010 while Pomares dressed as a woman and snuck into a Macy’s bathroom to videotape women in 2013.

That the culture and traditions of the period be honored.

State of Empires is not a framework for revisionist history, nor adding elements of fantasy to a particular period of history.

10 Legislature has not adopted a test: Courts have held that the insanity must negate criminal intent for NGBI verdict.

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11 Availability of insanity defense tied to the elements of offense.The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap County recently made headlines when they created a policy allowing transgender men to use the women’s locker room under any and all circumstances.

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