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04-Jan-2020 17:01

For it is the priority of my administration to create the environment of peace and order in which business does well.

But, surely, it is time for the masses to enjoy first priority in the programs of the government.

While I ask you to share these sacrifices with me, I will not impose any more on you when it comes to my job as president. There is no excuse for the spread of crime in any society, unless government is an accomplice.

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The last time I was here at the Quirino Grandstand, I was with President Cory Aquino, Cardinal Sin, and other religious leaders and fighters for democracy.No government is so powerless that it cannot protect its citizens, especially when they are victimized by government agents.There is no excuse for the spread of crime in any society, unless government is an accomplice.Government cannot afford to give all the youth the complete education promised by the Constitution, but it would be a crime if any money for education was misspent on inferior textbooks and substandard classrooms built by pork barrel.

I appeal to the coming congress to search its conscience for a way to stand behind me, rather than against me, on the pork barrel issue and find a way to convert pork into tuition subsidies in the public and private schools.We will bring peace and security, jobs and dignity to their lives.

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