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The Manx eyes are large and rounded, set at a slight tilt towards the ear.

The ears are wide at the base, tapering to a rounded tip.

Manx mothers teach their kittens to hunt early in life using whatever “prey” they have available, such as bugs, feather toys, catnip mice, and other objects. For more information, please contact the Breed Council Secretary for this breed.

Tailed cats are valuable in Manx breeding programs and help to keep the Manx strong and healthy.

It has high hindquarters with the back legs much longer than the forelegs, causing the rump to be higher than the shoulders.

The shortness of the back forms a continuous arch from shoulders to rump.

Shorthairs should have an outer coat which is somewhat hard and glossy, although softer coats can be seen in whites and dilutes due to a color/texture link.

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The longhair has a silky coat which is medium in length, with breeches, abdomen, and neck ruff being longer than the coat on the main body.

The Manx cat is an ancient breed that originated on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea.

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