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12-Nov-2020 19:02

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NIJ, along with the Federal Interagency Workgroup on Teen Dating Violence, funded Concept Systems Incorporated to research youth and adult perspectives of teen dating relationships.

They found that adults and young people often agree on what defines teen dating relationships.

They also noted that the clusters represented stages of a relationship or movement of relationships over time.

They felt that a few concepts were underrepresented on the map, such as peer pressure and sexual experiences.

Teens also pointed out that they often felt adults do not respect or take their relationships seriously.

Adults who work with youth were surprised at how much agreement there was in the final concept model.

The researchers used the map to group the items into nine conceptually cohesive clusters: positive communication and connection, early stages of a relationship, signs of commitment, social concerns and consequences, insecurities, intense focus on the relationship, warning signs, dependency, and abuse.Teen violence carries with it some interesting statistics.