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22-Nov-2019 10:13

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Are Team Canada’s gold-medal winning ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scot Moir dating? They came out of a lift, and they were quite close to each other. “We actually kissed and it was so funny,” Moir said. That’s as personal as I’ll get, but let’s see what happens, yeah.It could be that they’ve thrown all their passion into their sport and that ice dancing somewhat requires pairs to be romantic at times, and that their routine is a little on the risque side. “Because then we went to do the move the next time and she…” “We couldn’t look at each other,” Virtue said, laughing. “And that’s really been a help when you get on the ice and you look at each other, you really do feel comfortable. That was the story we were telling, so I’m happy that you fell in love with that.”“We love to skate together and we love to play the characters that we’re playing,” Moir said. And we’re the type of athletes that dive head first into the whole process, and I just honestly don’t know where you would find time for that. “But this one, we’ve really grown together personally,” Moir said. That was really close to our hearts, we knew we wanted to skate to that music.” Moir: “Guess mission accomplished today! We don’t have to fake the feeling of looking into each other’s eyes and feeling something. We’ll have to find just in which way we want to do that. But I can say that the last two years we’ve been in a very committed relationship with our sport.

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In this country, Tessa Virtue ranked first among Canadians and athletes in general in 2018.

Tessa is there with no scandal – just someone whose athletic feats and talent was so incredible,” Bell said.“She’s somebody Canadians are incredibly proud of and she’s a role model.

It’s the Winter Olympics question that’s been left 100 percent unanswered. It’s a lot easier to skate.” Once this year, something unusual happened. We joke around a lot.” “We kissed for the first time in 13 years,” Virtue said. Make of that what you will: We’ve lined up some are-they-or-aren’t-they proof over the years. “After 20 years, if you don’t have love for each other . And part of the reason maybe why we wouldn’t continue was to open up that side of our life, maybe, and see where that goes.

Are Canadian gold medal sweethearts Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir dating. He started off by saying, “Relationship status is none of your business,” somewhat jokingly, to the press before following up with: “But I can say that the last two years we’ve been in a very committed relationship with our sport.

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During a press conference in Pyeongchang this week, media asked the pair what we’ve all been collectively wondering, and Moir gave a ho-hum response to what’s going on between the duo.We partner with third party advertisers, who may use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on sites and applications across devices, both on our sites and across the Internet.

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