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06-Dec-2020 12:00

Van Wyden earned her Bachelor of Arts in journalism from New Mexico State University in 2006.Turkey sent a large armed force 23 miles into Syria on February 21, 2015, to a tiny enclave containing the mausoleum and body of a revered Ottoman leader who lived almost 800 years ago.The region is controlled by ISIS, but that didn’t stop Syria from labeling the incursion a “Turkish invasion.” The force rescued a Turkish squad guarding the gravesite, destroyed the mausoleum and brought the remains of Suleyman Shah back to Turkey.

The events that led to the war began with a Portuguese threat to the Hijaz and the Egyptians’ appeal to Shi’ite Persia for help.Moreover, according to will lead the Christian armies against “the best of the Nation of Islam,” who will come from Medina.Dabiq, then, is actually Islamic State’s version of the Christian apocalypse at Armageddon (Mount Megiddo).With its practice of destroying sacred burial sites, ISIS threatened the historic Ottoman mausoleum and put to the test the unwritten alliance between Turkey and ISIS.

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Abu Baker al-Baghdadi’s declaration of his caliphate poses a challenge to the caliphate claim of the Ottomans’ Turkish successors.Significantly, the Suleyman Shah burial site is located near a very sensitive site for ISIS and its theology, the Dabiq Valley.