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With vanilla (original game) leveling speed, that would mean to explore 80% of new content already being at very high level, which is very boring.

In addition, if you'll have many armor/weapon/spell mods, you can just simply get lost in huge amount of new things with original leveling speed, that's why slower leveling is highly recommended.

Even more essential as you will be using magic/spell mods for sure, and so have much more spells. Enhanced Hotkeys Simply a must-have mod, both for heavy and light-modded setup.

It's a complete overhaul of vanilla hotkeys that gives you up to 160!! This mod is actually better than even any similar mod for Skyrim, no kidding.

But why not to make whole audio mods section, you may ask? While there are, no doubts, some other cool sound mods (like Sounds of Cyrodiil, for example, which is much bigger indeed), many of them cause weird performance hit and even random crashes, because sounds files in these mods are not optimized properly.

GOSH is the best combination of quality, stability and keeping original sounds as much as possible.

If you are bored from running through starting dungeon once again, or just starting new game often to test something - this mod will be very useful for you, giving you a lot of options for quick game start.

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You should already have first 5 mods in this section, if you have read beginning of the guide attentively. Dar Nified UINothing less than a core for nex-level UI in Oblivion. Custom Spell IconsGreat mod to have a full control of how your spell icons will look.

Besides 160 available hotkeys, it has 2 main features: 1) It allows you to bind ANY key as hotkey, literally. 2) It allows to bind complex actions to make them in one click - multicasting, cycled casting, switching sets of armors and so on. HUD Status BarsGreat mod that allows you to expand game interface abilities drastically.