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01-May-2020 16:29

Note: Confirm that the name on the Frequent Traveler Program matches the name of the Traveler exactly, to prevent potential rejections during the booking process. This includes the Traveler’s “Gender,” “Date of Birth,” “DHS Redress No.,” and “TSA Pre-check” number if available.The date of birth is considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and will be encrypted once saved.For Travelers who do not have a PIV number, such as Invitational Travelers, the “Employee ID” field will contain the Traveler’s phone number. The “Duty Station Address” section can be edited if the address is incorrect.Search for the duty station address by entering the agency or city in the “Search for agency locations” field and select the “Address same as assigned location” check box. All information in the “Contact Information” section can be edited.

Note: An Arranger can also add their email to receive the emails sent to the Traveler.Thank you first of all, Customs does not care about ESTA -- immigration does.Secondly, unless you change your name or passport there is no reason to do any changes as mentioned by my fellow posters Also as a repeat ESTA visitor, you can use the Kiosks this time when you arrive at NYC.As others have said, customs is nothing to do with your ESTA.

They are only concerned with what goods people bring into the country. The old ESTA website a few years ago definitely let you update the address where you were staying - I think with the API side of things now being more developed they stopped this requirement.

Verify the Traveler’s name matches their driver’s license or Passport. Be sure that the Traveler has been assigned the correct Organization (“Org”), “Routing List,” and “Cardholder Code,” i.e. Continuing in the “Expense Information” section, verify that the “Entitlement Rules” field and the “Default Entitlement Rule” field reflect the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) for the Traveler. Note: HHS Commissioned Corp employees will operate under the same regulations as civilian employees.

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