Updating wwan coverage area on verizon

17-Jun-2020 11:29

Thanks for any knowledge you might have that can help. HP has a deal with T-Mobile for lifetime 4G (up to 200MB) on newer devices: Chromebook with built-in broadband: Rg6o35v RVSRpb2mu Og9b5U00000kxi Oxwa;sid=0ZWBVPNgov We VKGCSKv T1Cpv4Tq9w MPP7QFHs78d Vhn Ll ZPwlly5OZIX? :(They do still make some 3G models: The 3G version of the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook is still available.

HP-Chromebook-14-q070nr-WWAN-4G-ENERGY-STAR-&re_r11260_us/en/hho/psg/free-mobility/jan14/chrombook14Unfortunately this is a 14" model. (This model is being replaced by a newer model later this month though.) The HP 14 has a 4G model available. Anyway, what you really want is a 3G / 4G mobile hotspot - one that connects to the Chromebook over wifi - not over a USB cable.

At any point, what is unofficially working now, stop working when some developer removes or alters some code in an update that renders the unofficial inclusion of a driver or two functionless, and the devs would be under no obligation to "fix" what was never promised in the first place.tl;dr: A Wi Fi capable hotspot is what you want. Or there is a thing that has karma in its name I think, they offered small plans for free/cheap (after device purchase...).

updating wwan coverage area on verizon-85

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I know Sprint's hotspot plans start at .99/month for 3GB (6GB is .99, or you can score unlimited for the same price if you sign up for the Credit Union Discount program).

The person who will be using the Chromebook does not have a smartphone, and therefore cannot tether from it, so it will need to be some sort of external device.

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