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03-Nov-2020 03:03

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Of those, 28% of the rejections had to do with filing errors — clerical mistakes that could, with time, be remedied.

But more than 70% had to do with not meeting “program requirements”: Applicants’ loans weren’t eligible, their employer hadn’t been “certified,” or their payments hadn’t been counted toward the applicable 120 necessary to receive forgiveness.

In 2010, she found a job — only to be laid off, again, two years later.

She managed to find a contract gig that put her to work three days a week, and consolidated her loans into a single loan that would be easier to manage.

Such responses are indicative of what writer John Thornton calls “the retributive view,” which assumes “students could have made different choices to avoid or mitigate their debt.

She deferred her loans (meaning she did not have to make payments, and no interest accrued) and when the deferment period ran out, she put them in forbearance (during which payments are suspended, but interest does accrue).“I think there’s this assumption that millennials are spoiled, naive, and entitled,” Jen said.