White man and black woman dating

13-Sep-2019 22:56

Especially if we’re not American and can’t fathom why anyone would ask to touch anyone’s hair ever.

Don’t be surprised when after long enough with a white man, you actually want him to touch it and may even get a little shirty with him if he doesn’t.

We don’t expect you to share in our white interests, such as golf or rampant capitalism or letting our dogs lick us on the lips.(NOTE: This even happens to white men after we hit maybe three or four people) but know that in the conversations we have with them when you’re around and when you’re not, we will, slowly but surely be changing how our friends see the world. NOTE: If we absolutely positively have to punch one of these Mo Fos, be aware we will do it, but life is easier if this is the exception rather than the rule and make sure you’re at least wearing sensible shoes in case we have to skidaddle before the white person involved inevitably calls the cops.THE LINGO, THE CLOTHES, THE MUSICWhite people have a number of different lingos and languages.You will not be expected to speak all or any of them.

Most of us will not dress as well as you do, but that’s OK.

On early encounters, it might be safer not to look down there at all.