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On more than one occasion, Peterson pulled a gun on his wife and told her that if he wanted to, he could kill her and make it look like an accident.He would make the same claim to another woman a few years later.A year later, Peterson became part of the Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad, and started going undercover.He was so good at his job that in 1979, he was named “Officer of the Year.” An Abusive Control Freak But there was a side to Drew Peterson that was not immediately apparent.

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When her real father was due for a visit, Peterson would hang out on the route he would have to take, and when he saw the car he would pull it over and delay the visit as long as he could.Carol was not working at the time, and so Peterson’s own lawyer, in what may be a bizarre bending of ethics, acted for both parties, something that certainly would appeal to Peterson’s controlling personality.

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