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At 12 minutes into this documentary you will see views of the earth through the Space Station cupola windows.

But in fact the earth IS stationary, and the mostly 32nd degree Freemason astronauts are sworn to secrecy even to the extent their families are threatened according Clark Mc Clelland former NASA SCO who spoke with former many American astronauts who were his friends...

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Rest assured that there is nothing wrong with you and that this is a natural process for getting over break up.

Maybe it’s because generally there is much more social support when grieving the death of a loved one than when you are grieving a break up.

It’s okay to emote in this letter because no one is ever going to see it.

Uns ist Ehrlichkeit ziemlich wichtig, und eine offene Beziehung zu anderen Leuten.

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Leute die vorgeben etwas zu sein, dass sie nicht sind mögen wir garnicht, also wem es nur um Fotze geht, kann die unnötige Herumrederei ruhig lassen. Und ja NO GOE`S sind bei uns Filmaufnahmen oder Nacktfotos!

These angels who “left their first estate” produced gigantic, hybrid offspring with human women, men of renown as Scripture calls them.

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