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With its Mediterranean-style climate, the food follows suit, and traditional fare will include all sorts of things dragged out of the deeps, from lobsters and giant prawns to tasty fishy items such as mackerel, turbot and hake.Because of the country’s turbulent past its cuisine is heavily influenced by traditional recipes from nations such as Hungary, Austria and Turkey – so expect delicious variations wherever you may venture.Croatia is bordered to the north by Slovenia, which just about manages to separate it from Italy and the Italian port of Trieste, and by Hungary.Far to the east the country runs into the Voldovina state of Yugoslavia, while to the south and southeast it meets Bosnia and Herzegovina.Thousands of Croats were killed and nearly a quarter-of-a-million were forced from their homes.The war came to an end in 1995, and Croatia eventually became a member of the European Union in 2013.

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In fact, there are castles and ancient monuments almost everywhere you go in this fabulous nation.And, as mentioned above, culinary excursions into the country’s various regions can be enhanced by savouring some of the excellent local wines.